Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A quick little update

Jude was so cute last night. He was just talking up a storm to me and was loving me holding him. We have been fairly busy lately and I haven't been able to complete my normal holding routine every night. I think he was really missing that. Overall I think Jude is doing well. He is still pretty toned out and I am still seeing more increased startles and a few seizures. However, he seems happy and is healthy. Next week we go for his injections and I will be sure to keep everyone updated. I don't have the exact time of the procedure but I will post updates from the hospital.

I was reflecting on the past year today and things that have transpired. I have learned some hard lessons for sure. I have learned I should be more tolerant, don't get my feelings hurt so easily, and being outspoken isn't always a great quality. I also learned that sometimes God has people move on from your life and as sad as that is it's normally for reflection and to open new doors. So I am taking time to be grateful for those in my life today and to remember those that have left fondly.

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