Thursday, April 3, 2014

Speaking in the counts voice........1 sick TWO sicks kid.....

I have one sick kid at home and one kid I think is sick. Emily is in bed this morning with a fever, is pale, and just doesn't feel well. Jude has been very toned out the past few days with Charlotte, but seems happy when I am at home holding him. However, last night he was up and down the ENTIRE night! I am exhausted! I got up 5 times and I counted three times Mike got up. We probably got up more than that because sometimes I find Jude turned and neither of us remember doing it. Jude was congested last night and having the worst sleep apnea. It was really scaring me. Before I rush to conclusions I am waiting to see how Jude does today. I thought it was the weather but I did pull congestion out of his nose and he threw up yellow liquid with Charlotte yesterday.

So here is the deal..............everyone knows we don't sleep through the night and after almost 6 years of this I get grumpy. My responses may not be the ones you are looking for, I can be short tempered sometimes, and I can get easily offended. I just want to say thank you to my true friends who have been ever so patient throughout these past year. I am eternally grateful for your understanding, not jumping to conclusion, and your patience.

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