Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Go to sleep little Juders!

Jude didn't sleep well again last night AT ALL. I didn't either, but still. Whew, he was up and down. It is normal for Jude to wake up several times a night, but eight or more just does me in. I know we all have our remedies for sleep, but like Dr Riela said this is just something we will do for Jude throughout his life.

When we go to sleep at night our bodies know to reposition itself as the hours pass on.

Think about the last time you slept really hard and slept in one position. You probably woke up with the blood flow constricted to your arm, wrinkles on your face, or achy muscles. Jude's body knows he needs to turn, but he doesn't have the physical capability to do this. So he relies on us as his care givers to reposition him throughout the night. His body reacts by Jude whining or moaning for us to come help him out. His muscles may be sore or he may be getting uncomfortable.

My bet is he sleeps very well tonight.

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