Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jude's procedure

So as I mentioned at the end of April Jude will be getting an injection of Baclofen into his spine. Here is the definition.

"Lioresal-Intrathecal (baclofen) Injection is a muscle relaxant and antispastic used to treat stiff or rigid muscles (spasticity). "

They will be putting him to sleep for this procedure. He will get Botox again and then the injection. If it goes well they talked about putting in a Baclofen pump but I am NOT for this idea. They will have to do some serious convincing. It's a very large pump that goes under the skin.

I don't want Jude to be in pain, but I feel like this is opening a portal to a whole host of problems and possible infections. Currently Jude seems to be doing very well. He has been high toned, but that could be related to the weather. We did increase his seizure medications and that seems to have made a difference. They also increased the speed of his tube feeds and that seems to help some with his sleeping.

So Jude will have this procedure 4/24. We then head with Emily to compete at Dallas Teen USA that weekend.

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Jessica Cook said...

Thank you for your blog it's fantastic. I have a 7 year old with bilat schizen and we just talked about the baclofen pump as we are maxed out on baclofen doses and botox.
On a random note, the neurosurgeon mentioned a treatment for spasticity they have here in Phoenix called Deep Brain Stimulator. DPS. Combats muscle tone by inputting an electrode in the brain. A lot of success so far.:) we are seeing if we are canidates.
just a thought and thank you again for your updates