Saturday, May 3, 2014

A good day with Jude

Today was good.

After nurse Allen arrived I went back to bed and caught up on sleep from Jude being awake throughout the week. When the clock struck 9 I just laid in bed and played on my phone for a bit. I enjoyed the peace, quiet, and darkness. I know there are so many special needs moms that don't get help, but I think God knew I need some quiet time to reset. Right after I got up I went in to see Jude and give him big kisses. He was very happy to see me and I explained to Allen that Jude had insisted I hold him again the night before. Jude is acting like he "might" be getting sick, but I think it's all allergies. Regardless he has wanted a lot of mommy time and I have loved every minute.

Mike decided to take off work today and we went to meet some friends at my favorite restaurant Blue Mesa. We sat on the patio and enjoyed some amazing food. I think I drank 4 glasses of tea as I felt the afternoon heating up. We were suppose to go to Mayfest but the line for parking was about two miles long. So we figured we were ingenious and since everyone was going to Mayfest we could make our way to the Zoo and no one would be there.............we were wrong. There were so many people and it was so hot that by the time we made it to the "Texas" area I was faint and dizzy. UGH, I am getting old. I mean really? I hate the cold and I was so excited it was finally Spring so I was pretty disappointed in myself. So we gathered our items and headed back towards the exit. My amazing husband was also VERY done with the day so he held my hand the whole way and then we made our way back to Jude.

Once we got home I made some food and then we sat down for a long while. When it cooled off we sat outside on our patio with Jude in his tomato seat. Jude would smile and mouth cute words so I really think he enjoyed the day. When I brought him inside and got him ready for bed I leaned over and said, "If mommy could stay home with you everyday I promise I would". Jude smiled really big. I have amazing nurses that take care of Jude, but sometimes I miss being his primary person. I changed his diaper, vented his G button, made sure his jammies were on, and gave him all his medicines. As I put him into bed I kissed him gently on the head and he said "Maaaaaaaaaaa" and my heart melted.

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