Friday, May 16, 2014

Holy no sleep batman!

This was my night:

Jude would whine because he was hurting which I assumed was from his legs. His whining would wake up the puppy which would make the puppy cry. The puppy would wake up Emily who would say "SHHHHHHHHHHHHH" to the puppy. Emily would wake up Spot who would jingle his collar which would make the entire process start over again. I considered running out into traffic, but I decided that wouldn't help anything. Finally about 1am I gave Jude some Valium because he seemed to be so uncomfortable. However, the normal immediate effects of the Valium didn't happen. It literally took until about 3am before Jude fell into a deep sleep. Charlotte and I both were wondering if Jude wasn't feeling well earlier in the week. Last night may have been an indication that we were right. However Jude's color is great, he is smiling, and he is not running a fever. I think it may just be the crazy TX weather causing issues and allergies.

So I came home to Jude's schoolwork and I decided to hang it on the fridge.

At the bottom Charlotte put "Painted by Jude during school on 5/14/14. Marching Ants (orange), Umbrella (pink), and cloud (blue). So cute!

The 2014 Emily's Smile Box day featuring the pediatric stroke walk/run has been set for Sunday 9/21. We truly hope you can join us. We do need some help to make sure that this event is a success. We need monetary donations so we can fill 400 Smile Boxes at the event. All donations are tax deductible and the paypal address is We also need gift cards, gift baskets, gift certificates, purses, jewelry, toys, etc to put in our balloon pop. Any amount works! We raise money through the balloon pop and need great prizes to give away! If you can help email us at Thanks so much!!!

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