Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Make A Wish trip

We left Thursday night for San Antonio so Jude would have a full Friday at Sea World and then we could spend Saturday at Morgans Wonderland. On our way to the hotel on Friday we came across a fatality accident right after it happened. The police had the car door open and we witnessed them not attending to a slumped over gentlemen. So Mike and I had to explain to Emily what had happened and later that night they saw the situation on the news. Our thoughts are with his family. It sounds like a very sad start to the vacation and it was, but the next day got better.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast at the hotel. We then made our way to Sea World and they were ready with our passes. We just seemed to be lucky enough that we caught shows right when they were starting. First we saw the Sea Lion show and it was SO impressive. Emily really liked it and I caught her laughing several times even though she was trying to act like an uninterested teen. We then caught the Shamu show with the big whales. Then...........the sky opened up and we thought about building an ark. Rain happens although I was so disappointed in the people attending who kept running over Jude seeking cover rather than helping him. However the employees were awesome and really helped. The rain tappered off so Mike looked at the weather and he saw a very large storm cell making it's way to our area. So we took a chance and went to Dolphin cove to see if they could fit Jude in so he could see the dolphins. We explained that Jude had a "Dolphin Encounter" scheduled later in the day, but that we couldn't risk keeping him at the park during a large storm. The people were SO NICE! They called in one of their experts and they took us to the pool. The Dolphins were so interested in Jude and were truly the most amazing creatures! They were immediately curious popping their head out of the water to see him and meet Jude.

The handlers took time to explain all they could to us and you could tell they really loved the Dolphins. The lady with us had several degrees and said she and the expert that was with us spend most their time at the park. The "alpha" dolphin had been rescued from a fisherman's net at only 7 days old. He said generally when they are that young they won't make it, but they nursed him back to health. He said they have spent many nights "walking" around the pool. I found out what he meant when "Gilley" the alpha "walked" us out of the park by swimming us to the door when we were leaving. Jude would dart his eyes to look at the Dolphins and we got a few smiles. I have a few video's to share.

I was so impressed with Leah and Steve with Sea World. They made a little boys day and our families lifetime. Emily loved every single minute of it! After the Dolphin visit we rushed Jude to the car and made our way to a restaurant and we walked in right when the sky unleashed again. It was perfect timing!!! So then we tried to figure out who to get his wheelchair up their stairs that had no

On Saturday we made our to Morgans Wonderland. The only accessible theme park in the nation I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this experience was. When we walked through the entrance gate we saw this large sculpture that's dedicated to everyone with special needs.

The first thing we did was ride the Carousel! They rolled Jude into the accessible Dragon space and Mike and I both..............cried under our sunglasses. Jude was on a ride!! The first time around Jude was a bit cautious, but soon he realized this was a great thing.

When the park opened they had lighted stepping stones placed around the park with years on them dated from 2010 - 2096. Each year they pick five people that have done amazing work with special needs. Emily was on their very first stepping stone so we had to stop by and get a photo! The guest director also came out to meet Emily and chat with us. They were just so amazing. I told the director that it may seem trivial, but I was SO impressed they had an adult sized changing station. She said, "you would be surprised how often we get that". I said "You cannot go anywhere......restaurants, the Zoo, theme parks, etc and be able to change Jude". Everything in that park was made for both people without needs and people with them. It was hands down amazing and I highly encourage people to visit and to support this fabulous place.

So one of the reasons Make A With of North TX worked so hard to get the vacation scheduled so quickly is because we were scheduled to pick up the puppy Saturday. If you don't know we are getting a German Shepherd both because my husband has always wanted one and to be a therapy dog for Jude. Saturday night Mike drove out to get the puppy. Once they got back this cute little dog came bouncing through the door and I wasn't sure what we were in store for. However I quickly learned this was a really smart puppy!! By the end of the night she was walking on a leash, going down stairs (while was cute), and knew to sit. I couldn't believe it! When we introduced her to Jude I think he was impressed too.

I enjoyed my time with my family and with Jude. We went on our own so I took care of his medications, food, baths, etc. Although I love our nurses it was nice to spend some time with Jude. We are pretty tired, but it was so worth it!

Thanks Make A Wish!

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