Friday, May 23, 2014

A sickly Jude and the sleepy parents

Well the bad news is Jude had an awful night. When I got home he was pretty congested, wanted to be held, and felt rather warm. He had an axillary temp of 99.4 so I gave him some Motrin and some Benadryl. Eventually Jude fell asleep in my arms and I moved him into his bedroom. About 2:45am I woke up and went to check on Jude and he was burning up. He had a axillary temp of 102.6 ax, but I knew if we took it rectally it would easily be 104. He was just a sick kid. I gave him another round of Motrin and made sure we only left a sheet on him. He woke up a few other times wanting to be turned or comforted.

Emily has been ill so I am pretty sure this is just a viral situation, but of course with Jude we have to watch him carefully. I told Emily that with her I can say "eh a 104 fever is just doing it's job rub some dirt on it!". She said "thanks mom".  Actually, I do pay close attention to her sicknesses as well, but her immune system has a better chance of fighting things off. This morning Charlotte said Jude's stats look well and his axillary temp was 97.4 so that's great! She said he is lethargic but happy. So we will continue to evaluate the situation and see how he is doing. We will listen to his lungs to make sure we don't hear any wheezing. If this is viral there isn't much we can do, but wait. However, we will probably take him in later today just to have him checked out.

Mike and I are both beyond exhausted. I forget what day it was that we actually got pretty consecutive sleep. We knew something was going on with Jude, but we weren't sure if it was his legs or sickness. Now we know. So we plan on sleeping a lot this weekend while the nurses are there to catch up.

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Anonymous said...

Jenn, I'm an old friend of Mike's. I think you're Super Woman. I pray Juders is feeling much better and you are resting. Love�� Jenn Lunos Dennen