Tuesday, May 27, 2014

social hour needed and Jude

Jude still isn't sleeping that great. I turned off his food pump last night about midnight (I think), then turned him about 2, and then he got up about 4. He actually slept fairly well until 4 and then he began to toss and turn a lot and our older dog was on total meltdown due to the storm outside. Mike bundled the dog in his thunder jacket while I went out to the living room and tried to sleep on Jude's futon. I really feel like the lack of sleep is beginning to take a real toll on my physical and mental health. The suggestion of a night nurse was brought up, but I just hate to have someone else in my house. I love Charlotte and Allen is good too, but the nights are our time with Jude. However, with that being said we have made the decision to look into having a night nurse for the first two weeks after Jude's surgery. I doubt we will continue past that point, but we will see. Jude is fever free, but still seems congested. Emily is the same way so whatever this virus is seems to linger for a bit.

I have felt a little out of sorts lately, but I think it's because I am so tired. I would love to go on a vacation with Mike and just spend some alone time with him. I feel like we are always rushing, working, and dealing with illness issues. I also had a conversation with Emily last night about the need to make friends outside of a boyfriend. Emily lacks for nothing, but through our conversation I did realize she is missing out on social activities because of our situation. I know this will change when she is able to drive. I just cannot get her many places after 5pm. Again, she lacks for nothing, but I guess I hadn't realized our life had impacted her. We always strive to keep her involved with others.

I set up an impromptu party with some friends. It's better if we have people to our house so I can watch Jude there. Hopefully people can make it because I think Emily and I are both in need of social time.

We go June 4th for Jude's neurosurgeon consult about the Baclofen pump surgery at the end of the month. I am anxious to see what the doctor says about the procedure.

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