Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jude's surgery

We met with the neurosurgeon Dr. Roberts yesterday for the first time since Jude was originally diagnosed with a in utero stroke. He was kind and professional and I remembered him. He took his time to carefully explain the surgical procedure to us. He also explained the risks of the procedure and the benefits. The doctor's main concern is pneumonia since Jude has a lengthy history of battling this issue. After the surgery Jude has to lay horizontal for 48 hours and with his aspiration this can be a concern. So he said they will watch monitor him very closely. He also gave us a prescription for a specific soap and wipes to use five days prior to the surgery. This will eliminate any type of skin "bug" Jude could be carrying.

I asked the Dr how often they do these surgeries. He said it's not like a brain tumor, but they do them a lot. He also said the most common patient are those like Jude so he is familiar with handling a child with a large scope of potential issues.

Jude's pre op will be on Monday 6/30 and the surgery will be 7/1. I will be with Jude everyday at the hospital except Thursday the 3rd due to work. Mike will be with him that day or family. Emily was suppose to attend a wedding but due to the surgery that isn't going to take place. Her father so kindly worked her into his schedule and she will be flying to CA with him. He understands the extensive nature of the surgery so he is really helping out.

Mike put it best yesterday when he told the doctor, "Look we don't want to do this but we know what we have to do. Our main priority is making Jude's quality of life as comfortable as possible". We know the trial was a major success for Jude so therefore we need to move forward.

The doctor did say he thinks Jude has enough "fat" to place the device under his skin vs under his muscle which will be less painful. He said Jude is lean but his weight is a testament to his nutrition and how we monitor him. He seemed pleased, but said he won't know for sure until he puts the device into Jude. So we will pray for the best outcome.

If Jude has to have the surgery I am glad it will be done at cooks. The restaurant area is nice and they are parent friendly.

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