Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Starting to prepare

Today we start washing Jude with his antibacterial soap and using the special product on different parts of his body. This will reduce the risk of infection after the surgery.

I put a notice out that I will not be in the office next week. Someone asked me if I would be on no. Honestly, I haven't taken a full week vacation off work for leisure in a long time. I carefully schedule Jude's procedures and doctor appointments on my allotted time off work. It all works out for the most part. If I go over due to Jude's issues my boss generally works with me and subtracts it from the following year.

Jude has been very happy lately! He thinks everything is funny and especially funny when I say "JuJu Bean" in a high pitched voice. If you are not on the Facebook here is a video of Jude. This truly makes me day! He is such a blessing. He knows nothing bad in the world......only love.

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