Monday, June 30, 2014

The Pre Op

The Pre-Op went well overall.  We got there and Jude's assigned nurse visited us first getting his medical history, list of medications, and taking his vitals. The nurse was very nice and was very sweet to Jude. Next a very nice RN from anesthesia came in and went over Jude's history. Both nurses seemed very concerned about how wet Jude's cough was and how congested he sounded. They kept asking Charlotte and I questions about his congestion one being "How long has he had this?". Which in turn Charlotte answered "About three years". So true! They were concerned about what seems so normal to us. The anesthesia nurse was very sweet and at one point sat down and said, "He is so happy, clean, and you can tell well cared for". The nurses kept reiterating this line. I said "We have great help and we love him very much, but it makes me sad sometimes to hear this". I explained that every time we call 911 or bring Jude in we hear this same thing. It's so nice, but it makes me wonder how many kids like Jude they see that are not cared for properly. They both responded "You wouldn't believe it!". I heard stories about kids covered in the smell of cigarettes, roaches, filthy, neglected, and not fed right. UGH. Just terrible. I don't understand not caring for your children. I just want to go hold them all. People say "you are so strong". No.............I am just taking care of my child and so should everyone else.

Lastly they took blood so they could get a metabolic reading. They then sent us home with strict instructions on feeding, breathing treatments, and new wipes to clean him with tonight. We have to be back at the hospital by 5:30am. His surgery will be at 7:30 am and we hope he will go to a regular room to recover. If his breathing is an issue they have already said he will then go to PICU for at least 24 hours. He also has to lay flat for at least 48 hours. The challenge with that is keeping pneumonia from setting in.

I am so thankful Emily's dad took her with him to California. I know she will be well cared for and it leaves me time to concentrate on the situation at hand.

On another note I stepped on the scale today and I am considering burning the thing in the backyard. grrrr!

Happy 4th everyone. I will keep you updated on Facebook and as soon as the surgery is over.

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