Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hooray for sleep! Last night when I got home I held Jude for awhile, and I noticed his fever was back. Mike then informed me that he had thrown up again, but only about an ounce this time. I could tell his fever wasn't over 103 this time, so I let the fever do it's job and fight the infection. In a few hours the fever had subsided, and Jude was acting better. We then fed Jude, gave him his meds, and I held him in bed while Mike took a shower. When Mike was done he made a few jokes about how "Mommy is turning into a crazy (insert bad name) due to lack of sleep so daddy and Jude are going to watch a movie". He then took Jude, shut my door, and they went upstairs. I slept straight until 2am, and that's when I noticed they still were not in the room. I went upstairs and found them both asleep together on Mike's lounge chair. Jude was laying on Mike's tummy snoring away with his dad. I nudged Mike, and picked up Jude, and we all went back to sleep.

Luckily Jude slept the rest of the night, and didn't sound raspy at all. He was started to stir this morning when I left so we will see how the day goes. Mike is without the nurse, and his mom for the next two days, so I am hoping Jude is easier. He gets so frustrated and upset when Jude is difficult, and it just ruins his entire day..........and mine because he calls me upset. So here is hoping for an easy day for Mike.


Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I am so glad you got some sleep!

Gilda said...

Hope that handsome little Jude is feeling better keeping him in my prayers...Sending Mike alittle prayer too for the next two days so your day goes easier as well:0)

Candace said...

Oh good, sleep is wonderful! Praying that he gets better quickly, Jenn.