Thursday, March 4, 2010


Believe it or not, Jude is having fun here. When Emily drags him around on his blankie he will squeal with delight. As you can see we have added to the Smile Boxes that will be dropped off on Saturday morning at Children's.
So I think I am going to like this nurse! I explained to Mike that Jude sounded very rattled yesterday, and I was a bit concerned. He said I always say he is rattled, and he thought everything was fine. The nurse came today, and listened to Jude with her stethoscope, and said he sounded rattled, and is worried he is aspirating. On the other hand today she said he did a great job of eating solid foods in his chair. So it's just a wait, and see situation.

It's so busy at work I cannot breathe, I will write more tomorrow.


gilda said...

A mothers instinct is usually never wrong....We just tend to have a natural feeling about our kids before others. I love that picture of Jude on the blankie he looks like he is so ready for Emily to slide him around:) Yay! on the solids he ate.

Our Journey said...

i would definitely call his GI and set up a swallow study, his ST can actually go with if you ask her too.. just to see whats going on and what she needs to work on!

Anonymous said...

Jordan (my 10 y/o step-son) does the same thing with Parker. She LOVES it!

The Hendrixes

Anonymous said...

I am new here.... just reading Jude's story with tears. Many blessings on him andyour beautiful family.