Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend update

This weekend went a bit better. Saturday we went and took some pictures of my friends children. She liked the photo's Mike took of Em, and she wanted some for her family. He got some great shots, and Mike's mom watched Jude while we were doing the photo shoot. We weren't gone long, and when we got back Jude was all smiles for mom. I also found a place that can finally fix my wedding ring so I can wear it. They can simply coat the inside of it was Rhodium, which is what I had requested before. For some reason the other jeweler told me it wasn't possible. Then my sister came over for dinner, and it was a great Saturday until Jude again projectile puked everywhere! My sister, and Emily ran to the rescue. Emily again had cleaned up puke, and put everything in the washer.

Sunday I had two back to back Scentsy parties, which was wonderful, although now my head is killing me from carrying around the table I use. Emily went with me, and she deserves a big treat for helping me so much this weekend. She was even great when I got home because she played with Jude, while I took a quick bath. When I came into the living room this is how I found the pair watching TV.

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Jude then threw up again on Sunday night, but just a little bit. He has also started with looser diapers, so we are again wondering if this is the medication. We have held off increasing the Felbatol, until we know for sure. No news on the nurse, but Mike is getting some help from my aunt, his mom, and ECI for the time being.


Candace said...

Sounds like a busy weekend, Jenn! I sure hope that little Jude stops throwing up...there are few things more frustrating than cleaning up puke everyday. I am so thankful that Faith seems to be growing out of it, finally.

Holly Mackerel said...

Don't forget that Hanna is available to watch Jude. She would love to do it, and I will drive her.