Friday, March 5, 2010

Heart thump thump thump thump

The good news is that they have ruled out all but ten percent of there being anything that would be lethal wrong with my heart. We are still at a bit of a loss, but the doctor that we saw was fabulous. He said my blood pressure was high at 126/90, my heart rate was fast, and I had some palpitations. Anyway, he said that once we rule out the deadly heart problems then it is lumped into a category of annoying and needs treatment. I like being in that category better! Anyway, so he listed off issues it could be like a genetic electrical disorder. It causes a fast heart rate, chest pain, etc so that seems likely. So on 3/18 I go back for a echo stress test, and I will know more then.

Jude wanted mommy last night, and NO ONE ELSE!!! I couldn't even hand him to Mike to go to the bathroom without him crying for me. As soon as I took him he stopped crying, it was crazy! He truly knew who was holding him, and who wasn't. I enjoyed that he wanted me, but it made it difficult to move around sometimes. I ended up going to bed with him early, and laid down beside him patting him. Another thing Jude did with me, is play! I had him on the bed talking to him, cooing, and tickling him, and he was laughing, and wiggling around. He seemed genuinely engaged in the activity. He would look away if it became stimulus overload, but for the most part he participated. He was suppose to have his blood drawn today for his Depakote levels, but due to my appointment that will have to be done Monday. I will let Jude know I saved him a little stick today.

Tomorrow we make our big Smile Box drop off, Em has 100 boxes going to Children's. We also were suppose to have 40 large Build A Bears. My friend Sandy is saving me from the Fed Ex disaster and picking up the Build A Bears at their station in Irving, DON'T ASK, lol! grrr. I really have wonderful friends. My friend Roy is an attorney and has donated his time to do Emily's non profit, and more. Today he is working on the trademark attorney to take care of Emily's company because of a few recent issues. We so appreciate everyone that has helped us, and all the helpers that are coming tomorrow. We hope this inspires other kids to get active in their community.

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Candace said...

Well, it sounds like "not bad" that's "good news"! It's sweet to hear about Jude wanting you.....makes a momma's heart flutter!