Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Is it horrible that I get REALLY annoyed when people tell me they are busy? If I work full time, work part time for Scentsy, run a full time charity, manage a house, and am a mom, buddy you can find the time to do something. Ok, there is my grumpy side coming out today!

Mike called earlier, and Jude was very upset. I think he may be cutting another tooth because he has been a little irritated lately. Although, he was wonderful last night at a function for Smile Boxes Emily had in Dallas. Right when the main speaker came up, and the room was very quiet Jude decided he was going to "talk". It was rather comical. Once we got home Jude and I were both exhausted, and we went to bed while Mike had some me time. I hadn't even realize Mike had come to bed when I started hearing Jude wheezing. It turns out he must have been snoring, but it sounded terrible. I checked on him three times prior to waking Mike up who said "Well get up and check on him", "Yeah thanks I have THREE times buddy". Anyway, he then checked on him too, and said he was fine. He nail coloring was fine, and he seemed to be really sound asleep, so I repositioned Jude a bit, and then forced myself back to sleep.

Jude now officially has all his therapy equipment in HIS room, I feel like I have control over my house again. Before, I felt like our life was taken over by medical equipment, and situations that arose. I know that when you have a special needs child this will be the case, but you still have to maintain some sort of normalcy in your life. I stand back, and I look at some of the parents who have medically fragile children, and everything just takes over lives. I know it's taken over mine, and in many instances Jude isn't as fragile as some others I know. It's balancing act, and I really feel deep in my heart you have to have a private connection with your husband, and you have to maintain some family time, or it just isn't going to work. It's hard finding that balance, but it's there, and we are getting our hands on it. So how do you balance your life?

Jude's nurse let me know that Jude has a lot of newborn tendencies, but explained this is the least of our problems. She told us that Jude likes to find our eyes when eating and focus in on us, which is surprising since he is visually impaired. Although, we don't know the extend of his impairment. She is very nice, and is giving Mike lots of tips regarding feeding, therapy, and more. Jude also seems to really like her, and even gets a bit upset when she leaves during the day.

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