Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am so tired I cannot function anymore. I am irritable, I am stressed, and I need some sleep, a FULL nights sleep. I know a lot of people are used to staying up all night, but I am not. When I don't sleep my whole world falls apart. I don't function well at all, and when you have to go to work you cannot just "get some sleep". Plus, I feel like I cannot take off work, so it's an unpleasant cycle I guess. I am miserable, and I know it's hard for other people to understand. I HAVE to work, I have no choice, and I feel like my health and my kids sometimes suffer. I have stated I like my job, but being torn between home, and work sometimes adds a lot of stress.

Last night after I got home I had informed everyone that Jude had take 16 ounces. I was sitting down, and knew it was nearing time for his medication so I made a little pedialyte. I gave him a few drops, and he seemed to like it. Then we were sitting there, and Jude threw up what looked like the entire 16 ounces he drank prior in a volcano like method. Mike was in the shower, I went running in with Jude in tow covered in Pediasure, and I was too. It was all over the couch too, but by the time I came back out Emily had already cleaned it up for me. So then Mike started screaming at me that he didn't need the pedialyte, and I tried to explain I wasn't trying to give him any when he threw up. Plus, that amount of food coming up means it had just been sitting in Jude's stomach that entire time, and was coming up regardless. So now we are at each other's throats. I wish we could get the nurse to come at night so we can just sleep, I think it would do us good.

Jude whimpered, cried, and squirmed the majority of the night. We have tried Motrin, his meds, his acid reflux meds, etc etc. At one point I mentioned to Mike I thought Jude might be hungry, so he got up to feed him, and shut my door. I either slept so hard the time he was gone, or Jude wouldn't eat because he was back in what seemed like two minutes. Jude's nurse comes again today, but only for four hours. I am glad she is there to watch him.


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine how hard this is but I wanted to say that you are in my thoughts often and I pray that things get easier soon...

kate c said...

ugh. I know this all too well. When my son, Miles - (almost 3 now) is teething - it really aggravates his reflux. It's all the extra saliva that is produced with teething. He is almost done pushing out his 2 year molars & the vomiting has finally stopped. I swear he's been teething for 2 years straight. Jude being up all night uncomfortable reminds me of it. I hope it's something as "typical" as that. I understand the amount of stress you are under getting him to eat & keep it down. The story of my life! I am also a working Mom so I hope you can get some rest soon.

Bronx Cataldo's said...

By the time you hit day 4 it gets easier, well at least thats what I find.Since the end of Febuary I have gotten I think 3 full nights sleep. Finny was sick and then he had his surgery on his hip and he has to be re positioned so he won't get pressure sores.
The Motrin might upset his tummy I know with Maura it did
Hugs to you and heres hoping you get a full nights sleep soon

Caroline said...

U have my sympathy. Hope doesn't sleep much. Ever.
Been having a catch up on last couple of weeks. Sorry u r having a rough time right now.phoar, those meds- poor u and jude. Glad he's doing ok though.
Thanks for your comment. No we don't have that shop. Because of our health service we get a special kind of shoe called pedros. They r really cute for boys. Just not my cup of tea (just realised that's probably a really British thing to say). I'm not that good at getting her to wear them either. That's why I think the splints might b better.
Much love to u and your family

Katy said...

Is there any way you could get his nurse to come at night so you guys could get some rest?

Candace said...

OH Jenn, Sometimes I feel like we lead paralell lives! I have been there! I know I say that all the time but we experience so many similar things. Faith was aweful for about 4 years. We jokingly have a vomit protocol for dealing with emergency throw up! Poor thing! Nothing gets out the smell of pediasure...that's for sure! LOL! I can smell it, just reading your post!