Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Insert cuss word here!

WELL **&$^%^* !!!!

I was so hoping Jude would be coming home today, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. The doctor came in and talked with Mike. She told him that Jude's levels are still going down, so they will not be retesting his blood. This was great news, but the current issue is Jude has not taken more than 3 ounces of pediasure. If you are calculating in your head then you can predict my next words. This means Jude hasn't had any calorie intake since Friday night, and is only getting fluids. Mike is working to get Jude to eat today, but if he doesn't they are asking about a G button. Mike explained to the doctor that a G button is like defeat to us, but she explained it's just an additional weapon in our arsenal to help Jude.

So if we can get Jude to eat today there is a chance he can come home tomorrow night, if he doesn't eat it will be an extended stay. I am frustrated and so is Mike. I know Mike needs a break too, but I am at work. I am again torn between needing to be at two places at once. I don't have any vacation time left this year, because of Jude's hospital stay last December. I was negative due to the pre term labor, and therefore my boss was nice enough to dock my hours this year, vs docking my pay. In other words we haven't had a vacation in two years, and would like one without the view of the hospital, lol! {Had to throw some humor in}. Anyway, I may just have to suck it up though, and take a day off work tomorrow so Mike can have some relief tonight. This would short my office though, because Sarah just had her baby, and I hate to do that. Excuse me while I run outside, and scream my bloody head off.

I wouldn't have been comfortable bringing Jude home tonight anyway, but it sure sounded nice. Anyway, one positive aspect of his stay is we have received several donations for Em's boxes over the last day. We are up to $250 in our little bank, and I am purchasing items for 25 more boxes for Dallas Medical City. I place the order earlier today, and we hope to drop them off soon. Thanks everyone! Also, I really hope the radio station that called Em is able to help her. I would love them to find a sponsor to place Visa or some sort of debit cards in the boxes to help parents with food, transportation, and parking when their child is in the hospital. It's ridiculous how much it costs just to function while your child is fighting to survive.

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Candace said...

Jenn, I am still praying and am happy to hear some good news for Jude. I know that you have been battling the G tube for quite a while. I am so there with you! If you want to talk, I am emailing you my phone #. I know what you mean about facing mortality, frightening. We are thinking lots of good thoughts for your family...

Sherry C said...

I understand how scary the g-tube is, we didn't want one for our daughter either. However at 24 months she got one... she really did need it. It keep her home from the hospital for 2 1/2 full years despite many colds and 2 long bouts of stomach flu.. we were able to manage at home thanks to the tube. It's also amazing for meds. I know it's a very painful decision I remember crying over the tube many times. She is 4 1/2 now and still has the tube but she eats . I still use it for meds and fluids. It nice to know I can always put her to bed and give her another small meal (carnation instant meal) when she is sleeping. It really is very helpful at times. She gained much needed weight with it too.
Your blogs great, Emily and Jude are pretty lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

We were in a similar situation about the g-tube when we were in the NICU. We too had the same thoughts of defeat.

I think that Sherry C said it best. Just because he has a G-tube doesn't mean defeat. I think it would ease a lot of stress for you and Mike. And, it is by no means permanent.

I am glad that things are looking up for Jude. I hope he is home soon.

Blessings to you all from the Hendrixes!

Amber said...

I know that you are not asking for advice on this issue and please KNOW that this is meant with the best intentions.
The g-tube can absolutely be a life saver! You have the ability to feed on a pump at night and then feed orally all day. :0) when they are sick you have the ability to eek fluids and calories in without discomfort or cooperation from them. Our daughter had one for 2 years...they don't have to have it forever. I know it's difficult...I promise. Know that much good and comfort can come from it as well.
Praying for direction, healing, and peace!

Katy said...

You're right about the food--hospital food ain't cheap!

I know you've been battling that g-tube and I'll just pray that you make a decision that is good for your family. We had one, but Charlie HATED it and never wanted to use it. Have you asked about stopping the fluids to see if that stimulates hunger? Charlie wouldn't drink anything when he was hooked up to fluids. We had to remove the IV before he's drink a thing.

andrea said...

oh..i just got caught up on jude. i am so sorry to hear he is in the hospital, but am so glad he is doing better. how i wish your life could just be "easier". hugs and kisses to jude.

Anonymous said...

Katy has had her g-tube for over 7 years. She would have starved to death if she didn't get it. It's not defeat. Defeat is when you spend 6 hours a day trying to get your child to eat and they just throw it up everytime. I highly recommend it