Sunday, December 20, 2009

A great weekend

It's been a whirlwind of a wonderful weekend. Saturday we had a million errands, but they all had a great outcome. We started by dropping off our contribution, and all the donations we took in for the family of five that needed a bit of help this Christmas. The family had their little girl with them, and she was so excited at all the wrapped gifts, and stockings. She could barely contain herself, and Mike and I got a huge kick out of her. I think it really touched Mike to help them all because she was so smiley. We then set off to find Em a great gift for Christmas, and finished that with success. That night we went to see our friends Jocalyn, Kendall, Holly, Caleigh, and the gang. It was so great to see them again, and to once again hear fabulous advice. In the world of special needs fellow moms that can share on hand experiences is a very coveted treasure.

Jocalyn, and Kendall allowed us to borrow their stander because Kendall got a new one. We tried the stander out today, but Jude would have NO part of it. I think we are going to wait until ECI gets here this week so we can make sure we are approaching the therapy equipment in the right manner. Anyway, it was so wonderful to see our friends, and see all their accomplishments. They gave us such hope for Jude. Kendall can raise her hands now when asked, holds her rattle, laughs, and gives kisses. Caleigh sits up a lot, plays with her toys, and really responds to her parents.

Jude has done well again this weekend. He has eaten about 32 ounces a day, but will not take any solids. He is getting the nutrition he needs though so we will continue to work with him on eating solids in the future. Although, the need for fluids has currently seemed to disappear. We are very grateful for that!!

The only down part of my weekend is that I had plans to see Sarah, and her baby, but due to scheduling we couldn't get together. Because Jude was so ill, I missed her daughters birth, and I feel like such a HEEL! I miss her so much at work, and I cannot wait to meet her little one. We have tenantive plans for next Saturday, and I cannot wait to see them both. I will post more tomorrow, Jude is awake, and wanting to eat again.

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Katy said...

Once Jude figures out he can PLAY in his stander, I bet he loves it. The first time Charlie could really play was in the stander and he just loved it.