Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good news.

Jude has done amazing today!! He got up about 9:30 and took 8 ounces for me without any issues. We then decided to go walk around the Gaylord hotel, and while there Jude took another 8 ounces. The hotel was decorated amazingly, and the wonderful part is they provide all these magnificent sites for free. We strolled through the hotel taking in all the breathtaking lights, trees, trains, and more. We then stopped for Lunch and just enjoyed some family time.

We made a few more stops, and then we headed home. Once at home Jude again took.......another 8 ounces. He seems to really cuddle up to me, and Mike said he thinks Jude i just going through a "mommy phase". I am very proud of his eating today, and he was also very interested in all the bright lights at the hotel. We received many many stares, but it didn't seem to bother us much.

Emily was a bit resistant to the family day, and kept asking to include friends. I really believe she is hitting puberty, and Lordy help me.

I just wanted to share the news that Jude has been amazing today!!!! I am going to keep this short because it seems a day out just exhausts me now. Oh and a funny story.......when we went out today our original plan was to go to the mall. We pulled up, and parking was SUCH a nightmare that I was very annoyed. I told Mike to just "GO", and he looked at me and said "Aw honey did the mall suck out all your ho ho ho's and candy canes".


Katy said...

You know, for a while there I was so stressed about eating that Charlie never ate as much with me as he did with Dad. Dad is stress-free when it comes to eating.

Candace said...

YESSSSSSS the mall did! LOL, love it Jenn!

mom2nji said...

Yay!! Eat Jude!

Dawn said...

It's funny. You finally resign yourself to the G-Tube and Jude is like "hey wait!! I can do this - watch!!!!" Glad his eating has picked up. :o)