Wednesday, December 30, 2009

check up update

Jude's check up went well, I think he just has a cold. Mike said the doctor salined out his nose really good. They said they didn't hear anything in Jude's lungs which makes me feel much better. Jude has began sleeping on a pillow to help the drainage at night, although the pillow make me nervous. I find myself constantly checking on him to make sure he is not in a compromising position. I am relieved the pillow make him a bit warmer because his hands were always ice cold in the morning.

I am feeling run down again, and I am just really ready to beat this cold 100%. There is nothing that gets on my nerves more than not being able to taste my food, and I just hate being sick. Here is to being well tomorrow, and a good New Year.

Ps ~ Sorry for getting over excited earlier, I go overboard sometimes!


Midwest Mommy said...

I am so relieved the check up went ok! I hope you start feeling better too now!

Katy said...

When Charlie's congested, we let him sleep in his boppy--it help keeps his head up.

I think you were right to get heated. That restaurant thing frosted my cookies!

Erin said...

Glad that Jude is doing better. Fletch and I have been sick since Christmas Eve (just head colds) but he is recovering faster than I am!

Here's to a nice, healthy new year for us all!