Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Smiles again, and we are not perfect

Jude is really looking so much better, and he and Emily are hugging again.

It warms my heart to see them together, I know Em has missed her brother. Although, she is getting a bit reluctant regarding watching him while I cook. She doesn't really complain she just mopes a bit.

So Mike, and I got in a bit of a tiff last night, and I always hate when that happens. Everyone always tells us they think it's amazing that we raise Jude, work, etc. We just do what we need to for our kids, and you would do the same. Although, sometimes we are at each other's throats due to the stress of the day regardless of whether we are working, or at home. Mike has Jude all day, and wants a break when I get home. I have been at work all day, and I just want to chill out for a bit after holding Jude for awhile. It's the age old debate on everyone needs some relax time, and there is little time to relax. Also, getting Emily to after hours appointments or extra curricular activities can sometimes prove stressful, because that again leaves Mike alone.

Anyway, we always work through it, but we aren't as perfect as some people think we are ;).

Have a good day.


Colleen said...

That is such a sweet picture of the two of them. It's hard to juggle life sometimes, especially with a child with special health care needs. You're doing a great job!

Dawn said...

What a great picture. Super smiles!!

Love can get you through just about anything. Hope tonight is a better night... for you as well as Me :o)

jocalyn said...

Nobody's perfect. And this is a really tough situation...and very stressful on a marriage.

I've been on both ends, working, and staying home all day.

When days get really long, I just remind myself how much easier it is at home instead of the hospital.

But, I am very guilty of handing Kendall off to Justin right when he walks in the door.

Lack of sleep and stress gets to everyone. Hang in there.

Can Mike use MDCP respite hours during the day so he can have breaks? It really helps me a ton! I don't usually leave, just have another set of arms to help hold her and stuff.

Thinking of you guys.

Katy said...

The age-old debate--who gets to relax! Happens at our house too.