Thursday, February 26, 2009


I had a good night with Jude. He is so much more alert off the phenobarbitol, and really looks at me a lot more. I am afraid he did have a seizure at 7:22, and another one around midnight. He slept through the night again though, and didn't have a seizure this morning. He is with his grandma Suzy again, and I am about to call and check in on him. So tonight I have to pack Jude for the hospital, pack Em for her dads, and pack myself for the hospital.

I received a birthday check yesterday from my grandmother, and aunt...woo woo! We now have enough to go on our vacation in April. We are going to a cabin in Arkansas for a few days with my family, and I am so excited!! I will be sure to take lots of pictures there. I am glad we are going because I am ready to move our life forward with Jude, while paying the best attention we can to his medical needs.

So I just posted a question on facebook... "I need 500k to start my dream business.... any takers?". I got some funny responses which is what I was going for. One friend replied, "That's a HALF a mil!". I said "Yes, I just figured I would spare no expense". ha ha

Have a good day all

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Holly Mackerel said...

I accidentally started a business today LOL! Candace is going to sell those aprons I make in her salon. Woot!