Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Morning

Good morning all. It was an eventful night in the great land of wind and storms we seem to live in. I guess we are approaching that lovely time of year where we hide out in bathrooms, watch the tv, listen to the pounding storms. At about 3am I woke up to what sounded like a freight train barreling through my house. Since I have been in two tornado's before I instinctively flew out of bed, and rushed upstairs to get Em. Before I got up to the top stair the hail started, and I heard a terrified scream of "MOMMMMMA!!!!". I whisked her out of bed quickly, and followed behind her and her fuzzy pink blanket trailing down the stairs. I rushed her into the center bathroom, and saw Mike coming from our room groggily, but urgently saying "You need to get Emily NOW!". Yeah thanks sleepy pants, I already have her! Anyway, I grabbed the little peanut from his bassinet, and we rushed into the bathroom. Mike stayed out to try to access the Internet from our lap top to see what was heading our direction on the ever trustworthy We listened to the whistling, the battering, and the sirens screaming away in the distance. As quickly as the wind came it subsided, and we made our way out of the bathroom. Mike said we got hit full force with the worst part of the storm, and we both peeked out the windows. As usual the storm sounded much worse than it was, but there were tree limbs, trash cans, trash, saw horses from model home driveways, lawn chairs, and more blown about the neighborhood. So once we surveyed the damage we got everyone back to sleep .... everyone but me. I laid there wide awake for at least two hours, and once I fell asleep I heard Jude start another seizure. Then Emily's teacher called very early to cancel our semi-annual teacher conference, etc etc. Therefore, I finally gave up and just got up for the day.
I am sure you noticed I put that Jude had ANOTHER seizure, because he has had a multitude this weekend. I have honestly lost track of how many there were, but we did write them down. I am growing more concerned about his increase in seizure activity. I may put a call into the pediatrician today to ask for an antibiotic. I believe he may be getting sicker under our nose, and we just cannot tell. Jude makes little reference to being sick, which I don't believe is from being special needs because Emily did the same. I never knew Em had an ear infection until she was running 103.9 fever. So a few little prayers that Jude's seizures decrease would be great.
Also, Jude's blood work did come back okay as far as medication levels. I should have my factor V test back today, and I will post the results.


Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father please be with Jude. We know that through our prayers, You the Great Physician, healed our daughter, please show Jude's family the same mercy. Give them the strength to endure and peace, knowing with You all things are possible. Amen.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

We were waiting on the storm. It showed alot coming our way but honestly it was nothing. I am so sorry you all got hit with a bad part! I am glad you are all okay.