Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Juders and his chair

Jude has received his Child-rite chair....talk about super fast shipping. I am so pleased with it that I just don't know what to say! Jude cannot use a Bumbo because his muscle tone will not allow him to sit in it very long before he goes smashing nose first into the hard rubber piece in the middle. This little Child-rite chair is perfect for him and allows him to exercise his torso, and help strengthen his muscle tone. I cannot explain to you how great it is to see him sitting up, and I know he felt like big boy too. Here are some pictures.

Chatting with his sissy:
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A little Jude and his chair:
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The dreaded bumbo where Jude meets the yellow piece face first.
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So we had another rough night, and I am so tired. I am to the point to where I am taking everything personally, everything is hurting my feelings, and I just want to sleep. I told my husband I wanted to check into a hotel today, close all the curtain up tight, and just sleep. ha! Jude had several seizures, and was restless until we put him in bed with us. My husband was a little baby deaf last night, but I know he is tired too. We did get a few good hours in so it's not that bad. I am a little brain dead at work though, and so I feel for Sarah.

Jude had another therapy session yesterday, but he slept through a lot of it. The therapist mostly interviewed Mike on what progress if any Jude has made, and then completed her report. She really liked his chair, and said she had not seen one before.

Mike and I are venturing out on Sat night for a few hours. I think it will be good for us, and especially for Mike to get out. We are going to meet some friends, and just relax. We will have to leave to get Jude at about 11, but it will be nice to have some adult time.

So I watched the Bachelor last night, and took all the scenery in of New Zealand. When I went to bed I laid there daydreaming about the top 5 things I liked about the show last night. My number one was the thought of sitting in a hot pool, sipping champagne, looking out over lush green mountains......then the baby wiggled and I woke up! It was a nice thought though, but I would want my kiddos in New Zealand with me anyway.

Have a nice day


Rich said...

Nice lounge chair little dude...
Many photographers use Bumbo's to pose babies...

jocalyn said...

Oh! It is way more supportive than the Bumbo! Thanks for sharing the picture. Now I want one too! Kendall takes the nose plunge into the middle part of the bumbo too! Jude looks like such a big boy!

Holly said...

So glad you love the Child-Rite! Caleigh is a different kiddo since getting hers.

Hope ya'll have a restful night!

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I woud love to get a Child-Rite for Declan. He is the size of a 6 month old. He starts physical therapy on the 26th. Jude almost looks bigger then Declan. He is 9 months old.

Oh, New Zealand was beautiful. I am just sad that he kept Molly and booted Jillian. After all the hotness, it would have hurt me bad!

Cjengo said...

Aw I hope you get one for Declan. The only way we got one for Jude is because my friends took up a collection I LOVE THE CHAIR!!! :)

Vicki Parr said...

We have not tried the bumbo for Gage yet mostly for the same reason you had! How is his head doing with this chair? Gage has very little neck control. Hmmmm. I love the Bachelor! I was so sad for Jillian, don't really care for Molly and love Melissa. New Zealand was so beautiful. Did you see Amazing Race? Now Switzerland was awesome!
Looking great Mr. Jude! Poor mommy and daddy sure could use a good sleep!

Jennifer said...

He looks so grown up in his big boy chair! I still can't get over all the hair he has!

andrea said...

i love his new chair. he is just too adorable!

Shellguana said...

Ah, he looks so cute in his new chair! I'm so glad you have it for him!