Friday, February 6, 2009


First, off let me just state that I am so very happy it's Friday. I plan on painting my half bathroom this weekend with leftover paint I have had in the garage for some time. So wish me luck on that.

Jude went to the pediatrician today, and it turns out the little man does have an upper respiratory infection. I could tell he wasn't feeling that well today when the group stopped by to see me at work. He looks a bit pale, and just wanted me to cuddle him. The doctor did not put Jude on an antibiotic which can be good, and bad. Since we have been warned that Jude could possibly aspirate on liquids and quickly acquire pneumonia questions bounce in my head. Is it good to keep him off antibiotics so he doesn't work up an immunity? Is it better knowing he has an upper resp infection which can become pneumonia to go ahead and put him on one? Who knows! I did put a call back into the neurologist. I have to get his blood results anyway, so I might as well ask the above question.

My friend I have met through this SUCKY situation Jocalyn is in the hospital with her little girl Kendall. See Kendalls blog here: . Kendall is experiencing more issues including the now diagnosed infantile spasms. Is are a ruthless form of seizures in babies. She is now under the care of Jude's doctor, and being told things that frighten every mom so please send some prayers her direction I know she can use them.

Jude was a little croupy sounding from his infection last night, and still a bit twitchy from a seizure. When Mike came to lay down in bed he expressed concern over Jude. I can sense that he doesn't think Jude will be with us very long. He said that he loves him so much, cherishes every moment with him, and cannot imagine his life without him. I tried to tell him not to think about those types of things. Although, all of us parents in situations like this do think about losing our children occasionally whether we admit it or not. Our lives have turned from basketballs, toys, puppies, talking, walking, and such to discussing trachea tubes (my email this morn), g-tubes, medicines, seizures, and more. Yep it sucks.......that's my word today IT SUCKS. You can talk about prayer (which I believe in), belief, hope, love, and more but all that Iintertwines with despair, reality, and being in an explained pissy mood every now and then.

I love to organize events, and was asked by an old classmate to organize a reunion type picnic. Not necessarily targeted just to our school, but rather our graduating class because we knew so many others from surrounding schools. I thought it might be fun to take on the task, might be away to help some charities, and would occupy my mind some.


Bronx Cataldo's said...

I looked at Kendalls blog wow I thought I was looking at Finnian with hair. They have so many things the same. The catracts,infantile spasms, the vision issues . Icouldn't believe it.
Hope you all have a nice weekend have fun painting the bathroom I'm painting my hallway.
Ger,Finnian and the Cats in the Bronx

Holly said...

I don't know if your doc talked to you about it or not, but if the croup sounds like it is in his chest you might ask for breathing treatments. You can do them at home and there is nothing taken in orally. We have the set up here for Caleigh just in case. I can give you the number to our pulmonoligist if you want it too. With aspiration a possibility it's good to have one on the back burner.

Hope he feels better soon!