Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DR schmoctor

I went to the hematologists office today for the results today. If you remember I truly like this doctor, and she was out when I called inquiring regarding the factor V. It was the other doctor in the office that was filling in for her that ordered all the tests, and seemed to panic a bit. Once I got there she did agree that I most likely have an underlying platelet issue. She explained that if I had taken alleve it might mess up the platelet test. I have been out of alleve for some time so I don't think that was a factor. She asked me what happened to Jude, and I told her in detail. She then said she is still hoping that the drop in platelets during the pregnancy was solely gestationally induced, but she thinks it could be more complex now. She then went to hunt for the factor IV test only to find out IT WASN'T RAN!!!!!!!!! That was the whole reason why I called to begin with. She said that seeing how my family has the factor V deficiency it is likely my test will come back with the same results. She explains IF this happens that leaves her in a strange predicament because that would mean I have issues that are opposites. The platelet issue is an indication of a bleeding problem, and the factor V is a clotting problem. Anyway, she said that the issue that comes to mind she thinks the platelet issue is is very rare. So rare that she would like to say "no way no how", but she said "knowing you!" and we both laughed. Let me explain, that neither she nor I think this is anything to be concerned about regarding my health, but it is something I need to find out. The doctor explained that if this is hereditary I need to know, Em needs to know, and so does Jude. Plus, there is also the issue that it may be my underlying genetic platelet problem, and Mike is Factor V deficient so Jude still had serious issues to contend with. She said if it turns out I have the platelet problem and the factor V I will probably prove to be a case study to help other children who might have stroke in utero. At least that makes me feel better. So this is all very confusing and I could go on and on about what is here, what she said, and what wasn't done, but trust me you will be making the movie Land of the Lost with Will Farrell! Anyway, from here we took the factor V test which I should have back by Monday. Also, she explained that even though she is a specialist this is just to complex a case for her and she referred me to a doctor in Dallas. So I guess I will be going to see him. I am patient though, and I have never had a problem with any of this before so this will be for future reference.

Jude has had an increase in seizure activity lately, and we are not sure why. I put a call into the neurologist, but I have not heard back yet. Once I hear back from here I will let you know because we are awaiting his blood results too. He did sleep through the night until about 4 this morning, and only woke up for a bottle. Although, soon after that he did have a seizure.

Have a good night's been a busy day at work again and I need a hot bath.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Has there been a change in the weather? big changes in temps?Our Finnian is effected by the changing temps. If it rains heavy over a short time he will have alot of seizures. Also it the temps go up or down by 10 degrees seizures. We call him our weather man. Ger,Finnian and the Cat sin the Bornx