Friday, October 4, 2013

Jude's update at home

Jude seems to be doing pretty well. For the most part we are keeping him in his bed since it can keep him at an angle. However, he is also spending some time in his tumble seat and on his wedge on his favorite futon. When Jude starts getting very pale it means he is weak and needs to go back to his bed. We have also learned he needs at least half his feed prior to giving him the antibiotic or he will vomit. Tonight I think he had to much stimulation and when I laid him in his bed he did start to gag on mucus and tried to vomit. I don't care how sick you are.........if your child starts to vomit after having severe pneumonia you can sprint from room to room in about 2.2 seconds!

Jude's poor hands and feet all have the bruises you see in the picture because his IV line blew several times. They will get better, but they sure don't look friendly.


Overall I think Jude looks much better! My adorable friend Gena said Jude should be a Ninja for Halloween because he fights and wins everything that comes his way. He has had pneumonia, C-diff, The flu A and B, A pleural effusion, MRSA, and more but he straps on his gloves and kicks booty.

We do have his pulse ox machine on and set to 88 for alarms. Our night was rather sleepless becasue he kept dipping but we could always get him back to normal. On top of me being EXTREMLEY sick.....Mike didn't get much sleep and is rather grouchy. I am not sure Emily understood how sick I was until Mike said tonight, "Emily your mom has a serious upper respiratory infection". Darn hospital germs! My husband just ran to get me Pho! I think it will make me feel much better! I sound awful, but I honestly feel better.

I am glad to have my family under one roof :). Tomorrow is Emily's birthday gathering and I sure hope we get to go. Again, I want to thank everyone for being so understanding during this recent visit. It's the worst illness he has had. I appreciate my friends that understand how stressful things can be, my family for always being there, and my work for their understanding.

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