Thursday, October 24, 2013

A relapse or just a bad day?

Tuesday night I noticed that Jude had a pretty wet cough again. However, he was VERY smiley and had no temp. So I just held him a lot and when he was laying down I kept him at a 45 degree angle to keep anything from settling in his chest. I informed Charlotte the next morning of my findings. Later in the day she sent me a picture of Jude smiling very big and said he was doing very well.

However when I got home Charlotte informed me the rest of the day didn't go as well. Jude got toned out and ended up falling asleep during his school hour. He also had an elevated temp (not a high fever just elevated) and his respiratory rate was high. I also noticed he was beginning to look pale again and his cheeks were flushed. I watched him the rest of the night and he started smiling again. He had a decent night and only woke up a few times. My aunt pointed out that the antibiotic is probably just now leaving Jude's system. We knew the Empyema would take a long time to go away so that may be the culprit. Charlotte also mentioned that since he is still recovering he will have good days and bad days.

We will keep a very close watch on him and this time I am pushing whatever my gut instinct says because it tends to always be accurate. However, I am really praying that he doesn't begin to digress and have to go back to the hospital. My main concern is Jude, but the thought of going back makes me want to hurl! So I am saying big prayers it was just a bad day and he will continue to improve.

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