Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jude's not so great update.

Well Jude just has a mind of his own. The doctor saw the chest X ray from yesterday and was comfortable with letting us go home today, but when he got to our room he found Jude on 100% oxygen. Jude did NOT have a good night. This led him to believe that Jude is not handling the new pneumonia in the right lung as well as he hoped he would. Which means Jude's lung capacity is not working as well as he thought either. So Jude is still here. The doctor said if he turns around and it looks like we can go home on just a small amount of Oxygen then he will allow it. He said we are medically educated enough to know when it's an emergency and to come back. However, now his concern is Jude may get worse before he gets better so we are camped out in room 5406. We are watching how Jude reacts and watching his oxygen levels.

I have to go into work for a bit today. I am still sick and the traveling back and forth is getting to me. I wish I had a week to not worry about work, but I don't think that's a possibility. My aunt is coming up to the hospital to sit with Jude today and I am not sure what we will do tomorrow. Mike's mom can probably come up here, but she doesn't see very well. So we will figure it out.

I had a picture for you but my phone isn't wanting to connect to the internet so I will have to add it later. Again, we appreciate everyone that has been helping us out with Emily, staying with Jude, and all the food!

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