Thursday, October 3, 2013


Jude is HOME! We are so happy! Make no mistake that Jude is still VERY ill. The empyema will take a long time to heal per the doctor. We have him in his sleep safe hospital bed at the house and he is sleeping soundly. Charlotte got there about 10:30 and I know he is in good hands! So I drug my sick carcass to work!

This has been a very hard nine days! I look at people like Aidan's mom and I have to admire her. I was worn out with the hospital, the traveling, and the very little sleep. We get little sleep anyway, but that was VERY little sleep. So again I admire you parents that are in the hospital for months and years.

The doctor said this fight at home will be up to Jude. We are all watching him carefully for vomiting because he can aspirate very easily. A minute amount caused the aspiration pneumonia he got in the right lung the other day. Jude will also be on antibiotics for the next fourteen days. We understand this will also make Jude for susceptible to additional respiratory issues in the future. However, we have him with us again and we are so glad! I cannot even begin to thank everyone so much for all you have done from us. From the food, the gas cards, coming to see Jude, the balloons, sitting with Jude, and more. We have one amazing support system!

My boy is home!!!!!!

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