Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An MRI for Jude.

So Jude's neurologist called me yesterday while I was at work. When I picked up the phone I was surprised to hear his voice. He wanted to go over the findings from the other neurologist and also to request a 3T MRI for Jude (fabulous let me find the time...insert googly eyes). I love Jude's primary neurologist. He is so smart, kind, and when he talks to you he inflicts a type of confidence in his voice that you just feel comfortable accepting his answer. He said the other neurologist could be right that Jude had a neuronal migrational disorder. However, he said that a well known cause of schizencephaly is a stroke or vascular bleed. He mentioned the in utero MRI  we had and said that could prove the stroke or could just show bleeds where bleeds sometimes occur in a fragile babies brain during development. He said he wants an MRI because he needs one of Jude's "adult" brain. Did you know the brain is complete by Jude's age?

Anyway, he said the MRI is needed, but will also tell us more about the cause of Jude's condition. He said if it is a migrational disorder there is no way to tell if it's genetic or not without an MRI. However, he still seemed to lean towards the stroke. He also may just never know and it could have just been a fluke situation. That's what I figured.

So I need to figure out a time to take off work when I have no further vacation time at work to get the MRI completed. I know this will help the doctor further treat Jude and possibly open up ideas to stop his startles and decrease seizure medications.

Also, I read this blog today on forgiveness and I really think it's worth the read:

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