Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An upset boy and a smarty girl

My husband was very wound up from work today so when I got home and he was complaining about Jude's behavior, I chalked it up to his bad day. When I walked in Mike proclaimed that it was "my turn" so I walked over to Jude. Holy moly was he upset. He was squirming, fighting, rigid, and having seizures. I also noticed that his cheeks were pink. Even though I still tend to "mommy panic" I have learned to take a step back and evaluate the situation. Jude was warm, but not overly warm. His auxiliary temp was 98 degrees so 99. His breathing was very rapid, but he was getting air. He sounded a bit "crackly" on the back back left side of his chest, but it was very faint......and I am not a doctor. This is just my education through experience talking and our nurse said he sounded clear. So overall he was not in distress, but still not feeling well. Jude made it very apparent he was not feeling well.  I looked at Mike and said, "basically this is you laying in the bed telling me you aren't going to make it because you feel so bad". Poor Jude! We thought he had beat the crud he had, but I guess he didn't. He got so uncomfortable at one point that we considered the emergency Valium prescription we had been given for him. Luckily his other sedative kicked in and Jude went to sleep. WHEW.

So then my other child............decided to be a smart butt. She was staying after school for track practice and I reminded her that she needed to text me prior to being home due to Jude being asleep. So I get a text:

Em (all separate texts):
"at light by fountain"
"going pass fountain"
"going on road"
"passing playground"
"passing apartments"
"passing cars"

Me:" really? ok it's been a bad nite be real quiet"

Em: "passing church"
"going on road that leads to our house"
"passing trees"

me: "you are fired!"

Em: "Seeing house"
"Pulling in"
"getting stuff"
"I am here"


Granted she had no idea Jude was ill. She just said, "I thought I was funny". Who can get mad at that? I mean she did learn her smart alec ways via Mike.

So we are not sure what is going on with Jude, but we are hoping he fights through it. We have avoided the hospital for a long time (knock on wood).

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