Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two little sick chickadees and a promotion

I have two sick children at home. Emily doesn't look well at all. She is very pale, sounds terrible, and has that red lacy mono rash back on her arms. Jude is pale, has a high pulse rate, but is smiling. They both have an auxiliary temp with Motrin of 99.2. No bueno! So we are watching Jude closely and plan on taking both kids in after work. It's that whole mom weighing work and home today. I am going to have to pay $100 to take Em in after work vs $25 during the day because I feel bad being out while we are short handed. Not sure my efforts like that are noticed, but hopefully they are.

So yesterday Mike called me to tell me his boss had talked to him in regards to the much anticipated promotion we have been waiting for. We are really looking for the benefits he will receive. His boss gave him a RAVING review and said he was ready to make Mike a permanent vital part of the team. He gave Mike the choice of position he wanted and Mike is suppose to report back to him today. We still have not heard what his salary will be or when it will happen, but we finally know it's coming. I am so proud of Mike!! He has worked so hard and has been very patient (the patient part is not his cup of tea). For the first time in a long time I felt like I could breathe yesterday. Right now I have a list of items we need....new tires, Emily's cavities, HO-A dues, etc. Do you know how nice it will be to get those without struggling? To put money in the bank? That if I am out of a job for some reason we will be okay?? Everything has been on my shoulders for so long that it scares me to even think of relying on someone else.....but it will be so nice to know I CAN! Thank you Lord! Our prayers are close to being answered. Things have been such a roller coaster for so long that I told my aunt that I am now waiting for the other shoe to drop..........but maybe it won't? We are not "hurting" right now in regards to money. I could save for the tires or to take Em out of town, but it will be nice to just ..............breathe.

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Gilda said...

Sorry to hear your chickadees are sick...got one of my own at home sick now. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. I'm glad to hear your finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel financially.