Sunday, February 5, 2012

A bit of congestion.

Jude has had a lot of congestion in his chest for the last few days. Both nurses have been doing CPT and I have been too. It seems like it has REALLY been helping a lot because this afternoon he has not coughed. Last night I was up a lot because Jude coughed throughout the night. However, he has been very cute and sweet. He has laughed a lot and been talking to us a lot. Last night we watched the show "Moneyball" with Brad Pitt and yet again Jude was very interested in the movie. When I talked to him he would glance at me and then quickly turn back towards the movie. I always say that he has more going on then we give him credit for.

I had a great weekend with my husband. He was very attentive to me and we have a great relationship. I am glad that we have grown closer through our circumstances. We did have a bit of bad news today. Mike's older dog Lady has a tumor. She is 14 years old so for a terrier she has had a very long life. She is still chasing her ball so she has some spunk left in her. At her age surgery is really not an option so we are keeping her comfortable. She will visit the vet soon and see what they say.  Since moving into our house I don't think his dogs have the best life in the world, but they cannot be inside dogs. One Jack Russell is cute......three is a pack of craziness. They provide me much entertainment tho.

Tomorrow starts another work week. I still miss my friend at work. She is at home with her baby and I know that's a good place for her, but I still miss her a lot.

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