Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the weekend

It has been a beautiful labor day weekend at the Ortiz house! Jude had the perfect birthday party which was quiet, inviting, and full of friends and family.  We had the perfect balance of those that loved to play and those that loved to just sit and particpate in conversation. In the end Jude got lots of wonderful fall clothes, a few musical toys, and lots of hugs and kisses which are invaluable.

Tomorrow my little boy starts school. We are all a bit perplexed in regards to the bus schedule and how the day will play out, but I guess it's that way when Emily starts too. In the end I am sure it will all work out. I felt a bit unprepared, but I did call and find out what I could regarding his transportation.

I have so many photo's to share from this weekend, but I decided to post them after Jude's first day. Mike and I also decided to start a work out routine tomorrow today, but on different playing grounds. When Mike and I met we were both very into fitness. I don't mean your average run of the mill circuit machines, but meals, trainers, muscle mass, BMI, and more. At one point my BMI was 7%...no joke! I knew what to eat to fuel my body to exercise and to live. Some people can take excersise to an extremime, but it's something I loved. I let it go because of everything that happened with Jude. The gyms do not allow disabled children with seizures disorders in their daycares so I really felt I had NO time to work out. It wasn't fair to come home and leave him. Jude really could not stand going out for the amount of work out I desired, and I desired his life in mine more than I did the work out. I am not sure it will work this time, but I am still trying. Starting tomorrow I am on a 60 day STRICT DIET! No sweets, no wine, and a heavy work out. At the end of those 60 days I can gradually fit my treats back in...just like I used to. Mike was all geared up today. He left the house at 5am with his gym bag, his supplements, and his lunch. Hopefully things went well for him.

I will post lots of pictures on Wedesday :) I am hoping everything goes smoothly today with Jude's school. He got me up at 4 this morning so I know he is going to be a bit tired today.

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Rita said...

I love hearing about your family and Jude's birthday sounds so wonderful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Jude.

If you have a little time please give info. about how you eat, exercise etc. I've not had the chance to have a trainer. I am 60, I almost said 50 because I feel younger. But if I don't improve my diet and exercise I won't feel young much longer. Already losing muscle strength. Thank you.