Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new wheelchair?

Today I put a call into the medical supply company that we use. We are going to start the process to get Jude a new wheelchair. As I stated before his current wheelchair doesn't fit him anymore and it's not the proper equipment for his newly diagnosed Scoliosis. We are also looking into getting Jude a large bean bag to sit in. He is very uncomfortable in his tomato seat, but he will stay there for about an hour. Jude's favorite position is to lay flat on the floor, but he cannot always be in that position. It isn't healthy for him! He is making great strides on lifting his head with the wedge they have provided him from school. It looks like a boogie board with a strap to hold Jude's legs down.

I believe that we finally have the perfect dosage of seizure medication. Jude doesn't seem over medicated nor does he seem under medicated. It seems we have hit the level track of the roller coaster and I hope we stay there for awhile.

I am working with Jude on saying "Good Night" when he goes to bed. He will make vowel sounds at me so I know he understands I am talking directly to him. Charlotte said his speech therapists wants us to repeat Jude's sounds to him after he makes them. I have been trying to do this and he does perk up his head when I repeat what he says. It's pretty cute!

Emily is still well. She has all A's and one B on her progress report. She is also working away on her play that will premier in November. I also took the time to contact a talent agency about working with Emily. I am not sure anything will ever come of it, but she requested that I talk to someone.

Well two weeks and we will have Emily's big party, fundraiser, and box making party. I am thrilled at the potential turn out. I think it will be a success.

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