Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello Cook's ER .... we are back again!!

Jude was up congested throughout the night. He coughed, he wheezed, he just seemed very restless. I went ahead and went to work after informing his nurse what his night was like. About 9am I got a call at work that she was concerned about Jude. That is highly unusual for her so I knew she was concerned. She said that Jude had suffered about a 45 minute cluster seizure, had an elevated temp, and his heart rate was hovering between 180 - 200. After calling the DR we called 911 and had them come get Jude.

Luckily we were discharged with a diagnosis of a viral upper respiratory infection most likely contracted from allergies from the TX wildfires. Crazy huh? So we are at home with a prescription for steroids (if needed) and extra sedative to help him sleep through the seizures.

Luckily he is okay. Also, can I ask for some prayers for my cousin. She is facing a difficult time right now and her heart needs hugs.



Gilda said...

Poor Jude, this smoke from the fires are just sturring the allergies up like crazy in my house too. Keeping your friend in my prayers.

Gilda said...

Your cousin, sorry:(