Monday, September 26, 2011

Pampers and Pissy Pants

So when I was pregnant with Jude I went and signed up for the great notifications and coupons offered from companies like Pampers, Enfamil, and more. After Jude's diagnosis I quickly took myself off the lists when I started getting bombarded with Emails in regards to my baby's progress. The emails reminded me Jude had a lack of "normal" progress and I didn't like that.  The only email that has been very difficult to shut off for some reason is Pampers. So since our insurance has still not approved diapers I had to go to the store yesterday to rummage through the aisle to try and find size 6 diapers. I guess they don't sell that many of those size so the larger boxes are always difficult to locate unless you buy training pants, or go Costco. So I buy two small packages to make up for the large package I need. I get home and Jude was just smiling away like he knew I had brought him new diapers.

Once I got to my computer I sat down and there IT WAS.... was a happy joyous email from Pampers telling me how they have a great training pant for my toddler. It will move with him while he runs, walks, sits, and gets into items. I muttered a few hateful words to the diaper company, hit delete, and then mentioned how it would be great if they supported special needs families. Maybe a great picture of a special needs baby on the box with the slogan, "we even have YOUR butt covered". Guess that wouldn't be very media friendly huh?

Okay so I am a little miffy today ... SUE ME! I was up with Jude ten times last night. I am so cranky that I think it should be mandatory for people who don't sleep for so long to win the lottery so they don't have to work. Well not really, but it sounded good.

** follow up ~ Thanks for all the emails, but the blog was more about my Pampers email than the diapers. I can go to Coscto and get the big box of diapers for Jude. Also, Medco is working on getting them covered which shouldn't take much longer. You guys are sweet.


Reagan Leigh said...

I'm not sure why you are still having to buy Jude's diapers. We've been getting Reagan's covered since she was 2 (ever since we were approved for MDCP and got Medicaid). Some people tell you it can't be covered til they are 4, but that's not true. You just have to have a supply company that's willing to fight for you! Getting those diapers (and medicaid in general) has been a lifesaver for us!! You definitely need to look further into getting that covered for Jude. Meanwhile, we have some size 6 Pampers you could have! We're in the process of switching from "regular" diapers to "special" diapers because the size 6's aren't doing the trick any more!

Cjengo said...

We have been denied 3 times :(. I am hoping they get it fixed soon because he will be in youth diapers soon

Anonymous said...

I am from Kansas so it may be different, but Toys r Us carries a pampers size 7, or you might try ordering online. If you order enough they give you free shipping!

Amy Young said...

I just wanted to share with you that I had the SAME THING happen to me. I had signed up for all the free stuff and my son was born and in CICU for 5 months barely alive and every day, WITHOUT FAIL, I got that stupid message on my computer. It made me so sick! I think I finally ended up calling them or emailing them and explaining that "I didn't know if my son would live and I did not want to know about free diapers! Hell I wasn't even allowed to touch him to change his diaper!" Anyway, it was so strange to read what you wrote knowing that no one else could relate to how I felt. Us moms need to stick together. I hope you get the message off soon! Bless you girl!