Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little update about school

Jude is creating the habit of getting up when Mike leaves for work which is about 5:30am. This is wearing me out. I am not a morning person. My family always jokes that I want "all my minutes" when I am sleeping. My husband would prefer to just get out of bed when he wakes up. I would hit the snooze button 100 times if I could.

Jude is continuing to do well at school. His nurse Charlotte said that vision therapy and physical therapy both came to see him yesterday. The teachers also made the decision to have Jude in a classroom where it's one on one. There was another little boy in there, but someone has to always be holding him or he runs to Jude and creates issues. I was worried about the level of noise disturbing Jude at the school, but Charlotte said he loves hearing the children. She said that Jude starts "talking" when he hears them. Charlotte is trying to communicate to the teachers what Jude can do and what our goals are. She said they are currently a bit "scared" of Jude. I understand exactly what she meant by saying the word "scared". People are afraid they are going to hurt him so they are very timid when they first meet him. Soon they learn that Jude loves to play, tickle, and "wrestle"....he is very much a boy.

Last night when I got home I laid down in the floor with Jude and said "so this is how you see the world?". Jude likes being on his mat and looking around. It's his favorite place to be and to play. He will bat at his musical toys over and over. Would I prefer it if Jude was outside playing football? I wish that for him, but he is really happy just playing with his toys on his favorite mat in his home. He loves his home.

I need some time away with my husband again. We get so immersed in our lives that we forget about needing time for each other. I am going to work on making that happen even if it's just dinner out.

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