Monday, April 5, 2010

The weekend

Friday I pulled into my driveway from work, and I found Jude, and Mike waiting on me. They were enjoying the wind, and waiting to show me that Jude got his new special needs car seat.

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Jude likes his new seat, but his head still doesn't stay up. We really cannot use the horse collar, because of the big pieces surrounding his head. We did find a little cushion that goes under the chin, and we are going to try that.

Saturday I spent the better part of the day cleaning out my daughters room, and rearranging it. My cousin gave us a great dresser, and a desk with a piece above it for storage, and decorative items. Emily was not happy about giving up her white daybed, but we got her a new mattress and that made her happy. I pulled her old twin sleigh bed out of the attic (well Mike did), but I assembled it, and I like it in there. It's a mixture of white, and nude woods, but I think it works. I still have a lot to finish, and she does too. My daughter is a great kid, EXCEPT when it comes to cleaning, and organizing!!! She is a mess! Emily had made Jude a little pallet to lay on while we were fixing up her room, and he seemed to enjoy himself. He was a very good baby while we were working.
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Saturday night the Easter Bunny made up the kids baskets
Image and video hosting by TinyPic. Mike seemed a bit upset that Jude didn't have candy, and only newborn type toys. I assured him he would like his hand rattle, and he did. We then ventured to my dads house, who has the perfect property for an egg hunt. Emily participated, and seemed to really enjoy herself. Everyone made comments that this was probably Emily's last year of wanting to hunt eggs, it made me a little sad. She looked so grown up this weekend, and is starting to take time doing her hair, lip gloss, etc. Jude hunted some great Elmo eggs, and then gave his sissy his candy.
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Nice finger dad!
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Our Easter bunny, he hung out in the yard right by us. My dad talks tot he bunnies in his yard, so they all sit around us without issue.
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While at my dads my Aunt, and my friend Fleck both texted me that I should watch Extreme Home Makeover last night. I knew I was in for a good episode if everyone was texting me, and indeed we were. It was about a large family in Texas who adopted several children, including to special needs kids, one of which reminded us of Jude. We watched how disabled he was, and admired how the parents took on the responsibility of raising him despite his issues. We also loved the fact she said "Every child has a purpose in this world even if his is only to share his laughs, and giggles". Amen!

After that I gave Jude his medication including his increase dose of Felbatol. About thirty minutes later I heard Jude's stomach gurgle, and then vomit spewed everywhere. When I heard the gurgle I yelled for Mike, who came running with a towel just in time. Jude then screamed, and puked for forty five minutes. I tried everything I could to get him to calm down, but there was nothing that could be done. FINALLY, he began to calm down. Soon he was smiles again, but now I was worried about him. Mike took him upstairs so I could get a little sleep, but when they came back I kept waking up to check on Jude. I was exhausted this morning, but so was little Juders.

Today Mike has an appointment with the GI doctor to discuss the G button. Poor Mike is literally about to pull his hair out trying to get to the appointment. Jude woke up with multiple seizures, and wouldn't eat. He then had to get him arranged in the car seat, and go get gas. His gas card wouldn't work so he had to drive all the way to my office. I think the guy needs a beer, and it's only 10:40. I will update on what the GI doctor says as soon as I know more.


Katy said...

Charlie doesn't like candy, so there isn't any in his easter basket either!

A girl I know has a great pillow for her son's head--I'll try to find out where she got it.

Anonymous said...

We took out the headrest for our special needs car seat and ordered the sleepy time head rest on line, it has a piece that goes under the chin and has been a lifesaver to keep our sons head up.

Gilda said...

Jude looks so sweet in his car seat. I just adore that little face, glad you all enjoyed your weekend.

Candace said...

Hey Jenn, Is Jude's carseat the Marathon by Britax? Faith has the same one, same color and everything! You might consider going to the dollar tree and picking up a few small bedroom trash cans to keep in the rooms that Jude spends his time in. That way when he does get sick, you can grab that for him to throw up in. I know that is a gross topic but that's what we did for Faith.