Monday, April 12, 2010

Calgon took us away

This day is fired! It's been so busy it's crazy.

Quickly, I would like to share some pictures of Jude from this weekend. Here is what we are using to keep Jude's head up in the car.
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This is Jude after he got out of his bath yesterday. I love babies in white shirts, and overalls.
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I did complete the packet for the fair hearing on Jude's nurse, and I hope it helps. Every therapist Jude has is pushing for us to get the nurse back, and one suggested sending a picture with the packet, so I followed her advice.

Saturday night went very well, and my aunt did a great job of watching Jude. She said he slept in the bed right next to her all night long. Mike, and I had a great night away. We stayed at the Marriott, and had dinner. I had purchased a "romance package" which included a nice dinner at the hotel's steak house. Well I found out said restaurant was closed, and all that was available was the bar, and hot wings. . I am sure that you can understand I was rather upset. The manager was very nice, and got us the dinner we wanted, and even comp'd it. We also got upgraded to a suite, that was just beautiful. It was a GREAT treat!! We so enjoyed our time away together.

We were anxious to get back to Jude the next morning, and we also got Em back from her dad. They had been camping, and she was exhausted.

Jude threw up again on Friday, and it was horrible, but there hasn't been any throw up since. We got approved for his suction unit so this will help clean our all the vomit from his nose, mouth, etc. It will also help with the build up of saliva Jude has. I really never thought I would have to think about a suction unit, but I am glad it's available.

Sorry it's so short, I will try to post more about the weekend later tonight.


Gilda said...

Great to hear you guys were able to get away and Jude did so well for you also. He looks so refreshed after his bath was a cutie:)

mom2nji said...

Glad to hear you had a nice break! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!

Candace said...

AHHHHHH.... Sounds great! Looks like Jude has a good set up on his carseat now...

Katy said...

Hate to tell ya--but that's no baby! He's getting so big!

Good luck with the fair hearing.