Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little down time.

After work I went by my cousins to just chill out for an hour. We chatted awhile, and then my friend Fleck showed up. I so enjoyed the visit, but I wish it could have lasted longer. Mike had taken care of Jude all day, so it was only fair that I hurry home to take over. Although, the short time I was there helped me so much.

When I got home it turned out that Jude had fallen asleep for the first time that day, and was so cute laying in Jude's arms. I smiled to myself, looked down, and I realized what is really important. I may get stressed, I may feel a bit trapped in life in general, but goodness knows my children make it all worthwhile. When Jude woke up he had big belly giggles for me associated with a seizure, but well that's just Jude. I hugged him tight, and told him I loved him. I will tell Em the same when she gets home from church.

It's the little things.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful site and such an encouragement to me. Your children are amazing and beautiful!( I can't stop the tears!) and God sure matched you up perfectly. Be refreshed and blessed! I will be praying for you all-I'm gonna call you the Fantastic 4.