Saturday, April 17, 2010

a loss, a life, and a gala

Today Emily will be participating in a Gala in Dallas that will benefit the DFW Child abuse prevention center. She is one of the waiters that will be attending one of the tables. Each waiter has a goal to collect $1000 in tips for the charity, but Emily is shooting for $2000. She is coming up with idea's on how to get tips, and one suggestion she has was to tell jokes. Although, my daughter has many talents, joke telling is not one of them. For instance, she said "Mom why didn't the skeleton go to the ball........because he had no one to go with". I sat there, turned my head in question, and said "Um do you mean NOBODY to go with" Em said "oh yeah thats it".

Anyway, Jude seems to be doing well, but we have noticed some bruising on his legs. I also thought I caught a glimpse of a yellowish color in his eyes, but that could just be the lighting. We try not to over stress about possible side effects of the medication, but we do have to be aware there could be. Liver failure if the worst side effect because there is no "fixing" that issue. SO therefore, we are watching his little bruises closely. He has been using his legs a lot more, with his "happy legs", so I am hoping the bruises are just from kicking his legs about. Mike is also making Jude a corner chair which will help with Jude's back tone when he is eating. Jude is staying with daddy tonight while Em, and I go help the charity.

So yesterday we laid my friend Kelly's dad to rest. He had a long fight since he had the accident on New Years Eve. I will no longer let Emily be around anyone who is using any type of fireworks. Kel's dads firework malfunctioned, and shot him in the face. He put up a bold fight, but his body just couldn't take anymore. The burial was in the national cemetery in Dallas, and it was a full military burial. It was an amazing service, and very touching. After the funeral I drove from Dallas to Springtown to see our friends baby that was born the same day Kels dad died. It seems any time someone dies, I know someone who is giving birth. It seems like the natural circle of life to me, and it's amazing how things work out. Maybe the one passing away touches the life of the one being born. Anyway, her new son was so beautiful, and I enjoyed the visit. I then hopped in the car, and started the long drive back home, and through NASCAR traffic. Without question the LARGE glass of wine I had when I got home was needed.

Also, my good friend Sarah was in a car wreck yesterday that could have had deadly consequences. I am very thankful everyone was okay!!

Here is Emilys recent interview if you would like to listen. She did this without Mike, and I there to support her so I am so proud of her!!


Jennifer said...

Eduardo listened to the interview earlier, he also loved the "in utero" part and asked, "How old is she again?" LOL!

Katy said...

I hate fireworks. I met a guy who was missing some fingers from some fire works. It just doesn't seem worth it to me for some bangs. I can see some nice displays from my back porch and that's about as close as I want to get.

Whenever Charlie gets taller, we go through a period where he gets bruises because dad and I have to adjust to his new size when we put him in chairs, the bathtub, etc.