Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Vegas and Missing Jude

We have been moving on with our lives and starting to branch out and live again realizing that Jude is gone. However there are those days that for a few seconds I forget and I stop to give him his meds, stop to say hi, or turn to see him and then I remember. Those days have heartbreak in them. Jude book is taking form and it's amazing to see everything that goes into a publication. 

This past weekend Emily and I took a whirlwind bucket list trip to see Miss USA live in Vegas. I have to admit that I got a bit teary whenever the lights starting flashing and the actual show started. 

Watching Emily see Vegas for the first time was incredible. Her eyes would light up at the large hotels and all the special attractions. When we told her we wanted to show her the water show at the Bellagio she seemed less than interested. However when the water perfectly choreographed to the music shot up for the first time you heard Emily exclaim "Whoa!" 

She was cute and sweet all weekend and looked beautiful as usual. She helped her old mom out when I discovered the Vegas heat is MUCH worse in your 40's. When I was in my 30's Vegas was a breeze. Now I think I need a motor cart and a battery operated fan blowing ice water on me. 

Our house is still for sale. We had multiple showings this past weekend and they all gave the house a great report and said it's perfectly priced. So the only reason I can figure that we haven't sold it is divine intervention. I believe God has a plan that we will make one fluid move because of the abundant stress we have already encountered this year.  The house we liked when Jude was with us is about to go back on the market. We wanted to put an offer on it before it listed but the sellers want to see what offers they can bring in with ours so they want to list. I understand that but I wish they would give us the opportunity to meet their asking price before listing. I am ready to move forward and I know Mike is too. Mike has a very difficult time at the house and I want him to have a project to focus on. The house we want is a fixer upper and we could turn this little gem into a diamond. 

Someone was kind enough to nominate Emily for an award. It would help her obtain a scholarship for college. If you would be so kind to vote for her we would appreciate it. She is under Emily Lites. You must select 5 kids and then hit submit.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Good stuff that Emily and you were able to survive the Vegas heat.

In a few short years...

The scholarship is wonderful.