Saturday, June 18, 2016

Did My Husband Have A Heart Attack?

Have you ever been in a situation where you say enough is enough? Yea enough.

On Wednesday my husband Mike started feeling sick and called into work to rest. The following days he wasn't any better and began telling me he had the Zika virus, he was joking. Anyway last night Mike was complaining that his neck hurt terribly and he just overall didn't feel well. We tried going to sleep but he spent the better part of the night tossing and turning while moaning in pain. Finally about 6:45 Mike woke me up and said he thought we should go to the ER. I wanted to call an ambulance but you know men are stubborn. So I drove him to the hospital with the expectation that we would hear he had an infection of some sort.

Once we got to the ER the lovely triage nurse asked us what was going on. In Jude fashion I blurted out respiratory rates, heart rates, temp, and realize this time it was for my husband. The nurse decided to do an EKG and she looked at me and said, "I think your husband has suffered a heart attack or is about to." What the F*&^??? I kept calm because I know these things can be misdiagnosed. I followed her back to the room where a flood of people infiltrated our area. They set up another EKG which read concerning, blood was drawn, people were talking, needles were sticking, and Mike was hovering. Soon the ER doctor came in stating he didn't think it was a heart attack but something happened, whew relief. Then the ER doctor came back and never mind bloodwork indicates a heart attack, oh hell. At this point my blood is boiling and under my breathe I utter "really LIFE...REALLY?" Again I stayed calm waiting on more answers and understanding we were just in the ER. I hugged Mike and told him everything would be okay. So then a very amazing and nice cardiologist came into the room and got down on bed level with Mike. He looked at both of us and explained something serious had happened to Mike heart. He explained they would be taking him into the cath lab to thread a wire up his groin into his heart to look for possible damage or blockages. Mike asked me if I could go and I explained there is no way they would let me in a sterile environment but assured him he would be fine. The doctor asked me to come with him and he explained they were bringing in a team of specialists that were not at the hospital yet. If Mike needed a blockage removed they would perform the surgery right then. He then asked if I needed a chaplain and then I panicked. I told him I didn't feel well and he looked at me and said "you are fine." Yes I said I am fine this is about Mike. I told him I didn't need a chaplain but to call one for Mike and I needed to make calls. I called my immediate family and friends explained the situation as calmly as a could. My family said I sounded like a professional robot reading off a list of item. I then posted on social media because I felt all the prayer we would get would be beneficial and they worked or at least for the time being they did. Within 20 minutes the doctor came back out telling me Mike's heart looked structurally sound and he believes he suffered a mild heart attack brought on by stress and grief. He prognosis looked great, oh sweet relief.

Then the day wore on and the news didn't stay positive. Mike had another abnormal EKG, but a good echo, then a bad blood draw, but a decent CT scan. So where do we stand? Hell I don't know. The diagnosis and plans keep changing but that's what you have to do when dealing with medicine. It's good that Mike's heart looks structurally sound. It's not good his enzymes keep increasing. So the plan is to take his blood again at 4am. If the enzymes have increased again then a new plan of action must be taken to find out what the cause of this is. Either it's still a mild heart attack or it could be a swelling or infection around the lining of the heart causing the heart to spasm. The other options are limited but out there. They must find the source and get it controlled and get Mike's heart regulated. The other part of this is the grief. The doctor said Mike's blood pressure is great, his height/weight good, his cholesterol good. This is a grief/stress induced situation with something underlying. He also said he believes all the years of sleep deprivation we had probably caused some permanent damage to Mike's organs but it's a matter of finding out what. Grief is awful. People just don't understand. Just because you have to keep going doesn't mean your body want's you to.

So we should have more information tomorrow. I have come home to shower, brush my teeth, and sleep for a few hours. I am mad and in shock but I am here for my husband. I am praying and hoping that all works out okay.

Ironically of all days we got a contract on the house, lol! We lost the house we wanted Argyle. So we will figure it out but it will be a much needed change in scenery.

I am very tired so I if this doesn't make sense I apologize. Mike is at Baylor in Grapevine and I will keep you updated.

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