Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Little Place In The Woods

Just a little while ago I was sitting at my desk at work and I thought to myself I needed to call and check on Jude. I literally went to pick up my phone then stopped when I remembered. Little things like that happen all the time and it can take your breath away. I have started cleaning out and packing our house and I passed through Jude's room last night stopping to smell his T Shirts. Sometimes I can still pick up a faint sweet aroma that used to encompass Jude, it makes me smile and cry all at the same time. 

We have finally found a home and we will be moving the last weekend in July. We are praying the appraisals go well on our home, the home we are buying, and that closing flows smoothly. I am doing everything on my part to make sure that happens. It's different having something else but sadness to focus on at our house and it is a bit relieving. Mike spends hours researching gardens, flowers, and other beautification projects. We found a home nestled in the country that fits my personality perfectly. It's not a huge home but it's perfect for us. We are taking Emily to see it tonight and I am hoping she likes it. 

The next few weeks will be filled with cleaning out our house and deciding what we want to take with us. Last night I took out Jude's book from his funeral and all the beautiful cards everyone sent and packaged them up neatly in a box for storage. I have a little corner of our house where I am keeping all of his items and I might get a special trunk to store it all in. Maybe something symbolic of Jude that I make for him. 

The final edited draft of Jude's book is done and it has been sent off to the interior design team. It's surreal seeing everything come together. Next week I have a meeting regarding the marketing of the book and in September I will have the pre-release versions. It's amazing that Jude's reach is still extending. 

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stephanie said...

We had a quilt/ blanket made from shirts. Might be a comforting idea to do with Jude's shirts. We also made throw pillows. You can pull the blanket and pillows out when need comforted but can also pack them safely away. Best of luck!