Friday, August 19, 2011

Therapy for Schizencephaly?

Periodically I like the research in regards to any new treatments for Jude's main medical condition which is Schizencephaly. I found this article which did a great job of explaining his condition cause by the stroke.

It also led me to this website about a new therapy.

I obviously cannot jet off to India, but it looks like they work with customers in the US via a primary contact in India.

I haven't read much on this therapy but it is encouraging to see that doctors are researching Schizencephaly.  My original research showed they were lacking information in regards to the disease.

Normally when we contact hospitals or therapy centers regarding Jude's condition (ie stem cell) we are told that Jude's case is to severe for them to take him on. We get that answer a lot with therapy equipment too. We finally understand that they want to try to help kids that have minor issues with mobility and have the opportunity to live "possibly" a normal life. Jude doesn't have that. Not every place is like this, but it is a common answer we receive. Honestly, I am happy with Jude's PT + OT and the life we live. Although, I do like to educate myself on what is out there.

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Anonymous said...

God Bless you, my daughter in law sent me this link today. My granddaughter who is three months old was also diagnosed with first a stroke in utero and then schizencephaly. She is almost three months old and seems to be progressing wonderfully. I worry every day because I am 5 hours away. I know they are loving parents and she couldn't ask for better but I worry regardless. I want people to see that no matter what the mental or physical capacity of a child is, they are loved beyond what anyone can fathom. I will keep you and your beautiful family in my prayers.