Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prayers, Pageants, and parties

So can men get baby fever like women do? I am here to tell you that they can. Saturday I caught my husband cooing over a baby that was at Target. Then today we went to lunch together and again he was making sweet faces at a newborn. He started talking again about how he wants another baby and I understand his desires. Mike loves Jude very much, but he also wanted more kids from the start. The thought of it scares me to death, but again I understand his wants. We still don't have insurance so it's not even an option right now, but I wanted him to know I relate to his desires.

So Jude is doing pretty well and fought through his immunizations like a prize fighter. This proves to me that he is one strong little boy. He does have the issue with the Scoliosis or the bone loss which is concerning, but we don't have a diagnosis on that yet. We understand it means it could shorten his life span, but we cannot worry over that until we know what's wrong. He will be going to get an X ray very soon. The good news is Jude is making more vowel sounds and he is doing this cute movement with his legs like he is walking. I guess he figures that since he cannot stand up he is still going to show us he could walk.

So I posted on facebook this morning that I am holding a pageant prelim in November. I got several emails from people who were confused so I thought I would explain. You hold pageant prelims because they are small pageants. They introduce your system to new kids and to existing kids that compete, but have never tried your system before. Our plan was to hold 5 of these a year leading up to nationals and to take Emily to 5 big nationals to advertise. It works like this. Say Emily won Miss Roanoke then she would go to Miss Texas and then on to Miss America. Make sense? Anyway, I have already had some interest in the prelim. It's just beauty and casual wear with little to no makeup. We want a fresh sweet look. This will lead the way for the girls at the prelim to compete at nationals.  I am truly excited that this business is going well. I have lots of little girls competing for the queen of hearts prize that my royalty competes for. They are all doing lots of community service.

It was nice to have lunch with Mike today. We have been passing each other a lot with work, starting of school, and more. Next week will prove to be busy since Emily and Jude are both about to go back to school. Well Em and I hope a plane on Friday everyone please say safe prayers for us.

Also, we are working on Emily's 13th birthday party which include an Emily's Smile Box packing event and a fundraiser . We still need raffle donations for the event. If you know of anyone that can contribute please let us know. It is tax deductible.

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